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A chance conversation with a girl at church and from African traditions to some a lot more local… 15th May just got more interesting.

Pink Champagne with the girls. So worth the wait! Can’t wait to do it again…. and yeah… Champagne trumps Cava!

So overwhelmed by being asked to be the Godmother of a gorgeous little girl. Being told “I want my girl to be strong, confident and kind like you”. Whoaaaa….


  1. Heiko
    13th February 2018 @ 09:01

    Long walks in cold weather but with some great talks

    Bullet Journaling is the best method of organizing myself ever.

    Two friends are coping better with obstacles then some alone.
    Thank you my BFF


  2. Lorelai
    13th February 2018 @ 09:03

    Still feeling very relaxed and calmed down!

    Another girl is offering me a wig for free… wow!

    Everybody told me how feminin and great my outfit was…building me mir confidence


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