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Had to wash 13 dresses by hand today. Reminded me of the tons of washing that Joy used to do for the whole family. Wow. Can’t believe I never appreciated her enough.

My BFF tried out a new look today and totally rocked it! Yeahhhhhh!

Speaking of moving on and realising I’m so ready.


  1. Lorelai
    11th February 2018 @ 07:33

    Found a wonderful, midnight blue blouse today … yes!!

    Tried out a new look and with some Tipps from my BFF I felt pretty

    Been out for a gathering of people like myself and it felt natural to be me, calming and soothing and wonderful


  2. Heiko
    11th February 2018 @ 07:36

    “Careing about love is an uphill journey!!” Best quote for the day.

    Enjoyed a book store visit side by side to my wife. Quality time.

    Even during some dark moments the universe sends me some light. Thanks to my BFF


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