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Counting My Blessings

“Stop and smell the roses!” I always wondered why Nan repeated those words to me. I learned more about it later on. When blogs were the latest, greatest thing, I started following one called 3 good things. The author would pen down the 3 most remarkable moments of her day. Sometimes more, sometimes fewer. I didn’t realise that the blog made such an impact on me, until years later, my go-to to get out of a funk was to start writing one note each week on what I had done/achieved during the week. I would then read those notes on New Years to remind myself of the year I had. 

From coloured bits of paper, to my blog, to a FB group I share with friends. The idea has evolved to writing about 3 moments in the day that made me smile. Yes, sometimes there are more, sometimes fewer. But even the process of writing about it and reviewing my day is therapeutic in itself. 

Try it! You’ll surprise yourself.