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Gabi’s gorgeous smile and welcome. Nancy’s too.
Heartfelt hugs, especially Elke’s, Judy’s non-hug, Janet’s and David’s.
An intense, new seminarian.
Ian, Angelina and the cute new girl who welcomed me to YAM.
The Nigerian’s welcome.
An old bracelet getting so much love.
Seeing Ana. Finding her falling in love with my eyes and her never ending compliments. She’s such a joy.
Gifts that meant much to me and were well received.
All those familiar faces so delighted to see me.
I’ve found my tribe. I am so blessed.

Gifts for those whom I didn’t know I’d miss. Their joy was beautiful.

Chatting with an old friend and giving each other space to get our energies back.

Plans for a holiday with a friend.

A video call that made me smile. A telephone call that made me happy.

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