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A quiet day of achievements.

Win, win, win… looks like that’s all I do.

A genuine description of myself and the group.


Hi ya! I’m Lucille. An Indian living in Spain these days.
I fell in love with photography after I started to travel. I always felt the urge to take back snapshots of this beautiful world we live in to share with my family, especially my mum.

The journey has truly been the rabbit hole of discovery and joy for me. Years ago, I was blessed to find Google+ and made some wonderful friends there. Years later, I found the Scavenger Hunt and Mentorship groups. Since then, my love for photography and my awe at the creativity of the wonderful visual artists around me has grown exponentially.
Through my journey with photography, I have made friends all around the world. I’ve had the privilege to meet and learn from some of the most talented, most generous souls that have walked the earth. A2Z is a community created to foster such learning and relationships.

I love being behind a camera. I love getting in front of it too. I love telling stories via my photos and I love capturing the essence of my subjects. I started with travel photos and now I challenge myself to see places in a new way. I shoot stills. I shoot flowers. I shoot people. I shoot abstracts. I shoot blur. I shoot what makes me happy. I shoot what brings my visions to life.

This picture was taken a few years ago on my birthday. I travelled to a little picturesque town called Consuegra. This image brought together my love for travel, self portraits, and the joy of experimenting in post.

After Google+ shut down, I knew I’d be lost without the camaraderie I enjoyed there. A2Z was born when we got together to work on an A2Z project (1 photo for each letter). We have since done 2 iterations of the challenge, had a year of mentorship from multiple photographers, various themes and challenges and while we shoot, we grow together and share our lives and joys and sorrows.

Welcome to the A2Z Photography Community. I hope you find what you are looking for and I hope you leave an imprint of your limitless talent for all to be inspired!

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