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Took the car to town the whole week, except today. The driver was surprised, quite pleasantly, when he picked me up. After chatting a bit, picking up other passengers and finishing our trip, his parting words were – “Don’t abandon us”. Nothing to put a 100-watt smile on like an unexpected pleasantry.

Reached office to find a gorgeous image of a forest as the screensaver on the new computer installed at the table for impromptu meetings. We appreciated the setup and the photo and a colleague responded with – but your photos are equally good. Wow! What an entrance!

August = bonus time, and today, I finished 2/3 objectives of the year. Can take a long deep breath with just one to go. Moreover, my leave just got approved 🙂

Rounding off the evening with a bottle of good wine (make that two) and a conversation with my sister, which might lead to “birthday” plans … whooo hoo!

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