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Silhouettes against the morning sky. A silent reminder to keep on moving. After the news I’ve had, not a bad suggestion.

Met friends of A. Friends she grew up with. The camaraderie was evident, also the similarities… warm, big hearted, and gentle.

Was the first time I drove back from Madrid during almost “peak” hours. Missed the treacherous curve I so feared, and found an easier way to get back. Win win.

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  1. Lorelai
    30th January 2018 @ 13:43

    Had a long miles walk with my wife about past, current and future themes which was open for the first time since years

    Showed her myself to her first time. She did not rejected me but was surprised, but I don’t feel rejected anymore by her

    Hung my dresses in the old wardrobe. Don’t need to hide to much, sometimes “public” is the better hiding place


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