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My car broke down when I was leaving for work and the kindest security guard took care of it because I had to rush to work. Some of the kindest persons are right there and you probably pass them by without a hello. Stop today and greet them. Smile and make their day. And yours.

Family…. especially those who know when you are down and reach out just to say that you are being thought of and loved.

This little kid who called me for help and then asked some questions that no one bothers to ask and promised to be as much help as he could when my spirits need to be buoyed. Hope springs eternal.


  1. Lorelai
    30th January 2018 @ 11:58

    44 b-Day.. an new year in my life. And my plan is to go out EnFemme in public as soon as possible

    Gifted myself basic make-up utensils: brushes, powder,concealer, kajal, eyeliner, eyeshadows..
    Totatlly worth it.

    Have been gifted by family with wonderful presents and finally revealed myself to my wife.. and wasn’t push back but slighty accepted. I’m blessed


  2. Heiko
    30th January 2018 @ 12:14

    Ah.. totally forgot: my book about ADHD arrived today, after I have an encounter with somebody which knows about ADHD

    Read 120 sites in the book and found many sentences which describe me very, very well

    Made a online test for ADHD : 65% on male test, 60% on female test… Not surprised at all by this.


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