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Wore the boots I bought for my Paris trip. So totally in love with them. I couldn’t stop grinning.

A major issue at work which was resolved with a little grit and a lot of distraction.

Few hours to go to my first vacation of the year…. Can’t wait to get the year started!


  1. Lorelai
    31st January 2018 @ 09:14

    Did my first full make up all alone… even if it is not perfect a big step forward

    There are not many things on the planet better than a wonderful cafe and a croissant to start the day with

    A day off and enjoying another city and the company of friends


  2. Lucille Galleli
    14th May 2018 @ 21:02

    Whooaaaa… that’s more than I can do.
    Please hold that opinion until you taste some Indian breakfasts 😀
    Nothing can beat that!


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