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Found some new plugins for my favourite tech stack – ELK. So many possibilities … So little time.

A friendly dog decided it’s going to convince me to give away my muffin. The dog won. Been so long since a little mutt managed to melt my heart. Thank God the owner was completely at ease with me feeding his pet.

Elevator speeches normally refer to the 2-3 minute summary that one can use to sell themselves/their product. In this case, I use the term to indicate how the president ran into me in the elevator and took the time to compliment us on the job we are doing. “I don’t hear your name anymore”. The perfect indication that we are doing a great job. The team deserves the breakfast I got for them.

Diets… no, no, not the real thing. Just a conversation with a baker on how people always forget they are on one. Lol.

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