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A walk and dip in La caldera (Garganta de Gredos). Clear, fresh water. Rounded rocks in all shapes and sizes. Few minutes in the water, few on the rock and repeat. That was the recipe of the day. A guaranteed tan and a sensation of peace. No wonder the ones who moved out from there keep going back. Watching a little girl hop the rocks reminded me of how young and unafraid I used to be. Within minutes, I found the child in me. Such a blessing.

Sequence… I keep passing on the addiction. We played until 3:30 the first night and until 05:30 the following night. 

Dinner at the Roman bridge and then a star identifying session. Watching stars is always fun. But watching it while surrounded by oaks and pine and the accompanying sound of water gurgling over the rocks. Now that is a sensation worth remembering.

Extremadura is still pure. Still untouched. There is still so much we can salvage for the generations to come. High time we started.

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