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Getting to the theatre. Wow, that in itself was an adventure… and getting there on time, bloody impossible. Got there late. Wasn’t recognised by the front of house, but it still was a fabulous performance. This should make me get to their next show on time. Also, got to catch up with the lead singer from Track Dogs. Just by chance. Couldn’t ask for more.

A surprise dinner with my bestie. Wow… I’m amazed at how I deny myself this balm. We should do this more often.

The waiters at the bar. If you’ve been to Madrid you’ll get what I’m talking about. The waiters here have a semester to learn how not to make eye contact and how to make themselves absolutely disagreeable. These guys were a refreshing change from the regular attitude. They were courteous, generous and kind. It’s a shame we have to be astounded by this, but it’s the reality we live with. As always I bumped into a person from work. I can’t believe the world is so small.

Celebrated my b’day with the gang at work. Pleasantly surprised at how many bothered to join in.

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