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The Harley ride threw me off balance and kept me that way all through mass. I did manage to regain a modicum of peace by the end of the service. I was kneeling and praying and trying to be still, when a tap on my shoulder and a voice near my ear went “Didn’t I see you in the Vogue!” Love J!

Father R’s amazing display of the gifts of faith:

Talk in different languages. Obvio, no?

Drive out demons …. well their absence indicates that they have fled.

Drink Poison and not be affected. Yes, guessed that one… coke.

Handle snakes … a plastic one, but bosses/co-workers/neighbours. Toxic people who thrive and abound.

And the gift of healing … little kids who walked up and hugged the family of Silvester.

Spoke with Silvester’s brother and his warmth, humour and openness made me believe in humankind again.


The family celebrated Mother’s Day. Was so glad they shared a few moments with me. Pot luck and a lot of love.


Met DD’s mum and she loved my earrings. Offered them to her only to be told that she doesn’t have piercings. Piercings are only for gypsies and loose women. I’d rather be the latter. None of us could stop laughing!

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