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Helping an old Spanish couple follow mass. I hope they liked the experience. They did mention they will be back.
F complimenting my “coordinated look” & J rounding it off by saying that I dress up to look like I walked out of an issue of Vogue.
F again with her doubt about the years I’ve spent in the UK because my pronunciation was spot on.
Spoke to the Family. Always such a pleasure knowing that there are so many people I can count on to be happy on hearing from me. I’m blessed.
Catching up on church pics including the scary difficult assignment of replacing bricks with wood.
Valle de los Caidos. The gorgeous view of the cross, with a veil of mist bringing it to life. I was so tempted to shoot while driving. Glad I didn’t give in.
Peek a boo: the sun playing peek-a-boo between bouts of rain and hail.
Shooting the gorgeous flowers in our neighbour’s garden and following it up with a crash course on photography.

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