We are used to photos of women with faces pouting, smiling, glowing. That’s what we always encourage our kids to do, “smile for the camera, little one”.

But life is not always rainbows and unicorns. And humans have another side to them as well. The one that the pillow gets to see more often than people.

We are always comfortable when we watch someone laugh. Show us a photograph of someone serious and we tend to make a snarky comment about what they have stuffed up their orifices. We never encourage anyone to stop laughing. But turn on the waterworks and that’s the first response the world gives us. Stop.

Why is it ok to only be positive and project happiness? Why is it ok to avoid social media if you can’t force a smile? Why should one hide from the plethora of emotions that a human is capable of feeling?

Broken hearted, Hurting, Enraged, Betrayed, Regretful! We’ve been there at some point or the other, and the only way we are allowed to do it, is alone. Drown alone. Cope alone. Handle it however you want, but ALONE.

Inspired by Heartbreaks I’ve lived through. Quotations from books I’ve read. Facebook prophets. Failures I’ve overcome. Even lyrics.

“She” – is a glimpse of a woman at her lowest. A woman coming to terms. A broken girl becoming a tough bitch.

She’s an eagle when she flies, yes. But, this project is inspired by another line from the same Dolly Parton song. This is the photographical version of “she’s a sparrow when she’s broken“.