Lackadaisical, Winner, Welcome, Ragnarok, Is

An almost lackadaisical attempt to get ready and leave. Love days when I don’t need to rush off. My watch better be telling me that I ain’t stressed at all. 

Flying into Zagreb, we broke through clouds to the greenest green. And in the distance, sun through the clouds made the whole landscape seem so magical. I have seen many a beautiful view from the sky, but this one is a winner! 

The thunderstorm that quelled just before we arrived left a beautiful rainbow in the sky. What a welcome.

The accent sounded harsh, rude even. It took me a while to realise that they weren’t being rude. Quite the contrary. And then I remembered when I heard it. Ragnarok. Strange how our mother tongue influences every language we learn and maybe even alters the perceptions of others listening to it. Glad I didn’t judge too quickly. 

Nature is. While knitting on the plane I suddenly realised that we often give nature such weird adjectives. But none of them are really true.   Cruel, beautiful, weird…. Nature is all of that and none of that. Nature just is. 

Gone with the wind. Maybe I’m in love with an idea, with potential, not really a person.