A special one!

Another one joined you on Wednesday, ma. A young one this time. This lovely lady was responsible for all my different looks over the last few years. She loved to experiment. Loved that I was willing to experiment. She encouraged me to be bold, to take on new personas with each hairstyle. She gave me advice when I was down. She always knew what I was going through even before I told her.

I was her pride. She loved telling my hairy-tales to everyone. Used me as an example of boldness that others should follow. She gave me a free haircut when you passed on. She advised me to go meet Dad when I was not sure if I should make the trip. She wanted me to show her India.

She was my hairdresser, but she was much more than that. She was my friend. She was a sister. She was someone I could talk to without saying a word.

I was shocked to hear about her. I only got to know when I applauded the re-opening of her parlour. I thought she was on vacation. Turns out she was no longer with us. Turns out she wanted better company. Take special care of her, ma. She is amazing.

Goodbye Karina. You will be missed. Your smile, your energy, your common sense and advice, your booming laughter.

One day, we will meet again. Until then, fare thee well!