Glitch, Kindness, Gifted

A glitch that made me smile. How I wish it was for real. It will soon be. Universe, you heard me.

Kindness shouldn’t be taken for granted. It doesn’t always come your way.

2 more additions to our angry birds collection. And a sweet water bottle to keep me hydrated.

2 thoughts on “Glitch, Kindness, Gifted

  1. Removed winter decoration and get decorated for spring – yeah

    The first flowers of spring came out – snow bells have been hidden under a veil of brushwood

    Great 20 minutes of Yoga.. I should train Yoga more often.

  2. Addon:

    Had my test today, 4 hours but it felt good to have it done. Now waiting for the results on the 20th of April.

    G+ will make a initiative of #SheInspiresMe due to my BFF and my engagement. Yeah.

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