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Madrid – Sofia
– Just as we left, I saw a Magnolia bud on the little tree at the entrance. Such joy.
– At Madrid, I came across the nicest airport and security personnel. One even carrying my cameras to a table for me to stop stressing about getting it all in without holding the line up. Madrid you surprise me. Just after the pandemic, there weren’t many people flying out and the attitude of the personnel was way different from pre-pandemic days.
– The most spectacular take off with “The Simpsons” like clouds …
– A promising entry into Sofia … a bit too fast, but phew…
– First time using a bellhop.
– A talkative receptionist.
– Food that was just an explosion of flavour. A very strong reminscence of it’s Arabic influences. Berkovska liutivka.
– Lights … lots and lots of fairy lights. (some in the shape of beer jugs)
– Gorgeous view from the hotel.
– A chauffer wishing that Bulgaria gets on par with other European city. I’ve sampled those cities… keep your uniqueness. It’s amazing.

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