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As I paint my nails with polish I took from mum’s collection, I look back on 2020. What a year!
It’s been tumultuous to say the least. Several lost their livelihoods. Several lost loved ones. Homes, assets, ideals – nothing is sacred to a virus.  I feel all their pain. And I hope 2021 will be better.
Personally, I consider myself blessed. Health, work and every other way. And each moment, I am grateful for that.
Work was demanding, however the rewards came in as well. The biggest life changer for me was that my company was forced to allow us to work from home. Those hours not spent commuting, enabled me to finish several personal goals.
Upped my creds this year by earning 8/9 certificates in a Data Science course. Trained in  AWS Architecting. 
Several Creative Live and Portrait Masters courses prepared me to relocate my studio and shoot 3 new clients.
Enjoyed my garden and shot it to my heart’s content. Edited to my heart’s content. Pleasantly surprised myself by knowing more than I expected.
Indulged in several photoshoots and numerous conversations with my muse & mentor.
Became a knitter, a baker and a kimchi maker.
Created and redesigned websites:
Met some wonderful artists.
Realised who my true friends are.
Won my first pub quiz.
Went green.
Took baby steps to breaking the clutches of capitalism.
Stopped feeding trolls.
Detoxed by unfollowing and unfriending those who valued sensation over facts.
Found my faith, right when I needed it the most.
Missed those who aren’t around anymore.
Thanked the Lord for those who are.
This year started with different plans. Somewhere in the first quarter, survival became more important . But right in the middle of the lockdown, I realised just surviving wouldn’t cut it. I wanted to endure, not just survive.
I’ve endured 2020. You have too. Happy New Year. Wishing you health, peace and loads of love!

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