Reflecting in my garden

I end up philosophising in my garden. I’ll never know why. It’s probably the contact with soil, the silence, the connection with my parents, the beauty of nature. There is just so much that brings solace in those moments spent there.
The image of my garden will never make it to a gallery, but I’m not sharing it because of it’s quality or composition. This is the only shot I have that shows the little extension of the flower bed that we built. (It’s the little circle with smaller rocks). What got planted there were bulbs that I had in storage 3 years longer than they should have been. Just a month before their expiry, I planted them. Some of them sprouted last year, but flowers were scarce and leaves were under-grown. This year though…. What a SHOW!
Wild daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips. I know there will be more coming along as the months go by. But what’s the lesson here?
Well… not giving up. I should have chucked them. I kept them too long. They should not have been kind to me. But at the first touch of love and care, they grew, they blossomed, they lit up my life. May it serve as a reminder to me to try love and another chance before giving up on someone. Love begets love.
It also answers a very important question I have. Why do I shoot? Today it became clear that these photos remind me of the lessons I’ve learned. Looking back on them takes me back to the moment, to the story, to the moral. I will always remeber the joy that filled me when I came home and found so many flowers blooming. Their happy faces raised to the sun in a song of praise.