We walk through life wishing for so many things. Wishing, hoping, lighting candles, losing sleep over things our hearts desire.

And while longing for that something, we forget to live in the moment.

We may get what we long for, we may not, but in the in-betweens of hoping and waiting and wishing, we lose the current moment and we don’t get to really taste the future we want.

Half-lives aren’t what we were meant for.

We were made to experience each and every moment. To be joyful and to soar like eagles.

To be truly alive is to shine and be at peace.

If you are not doing it; If you are not on a high most of the days; if the people in your life don’t bring a smile to your lips as soon as you wake up. Then that ain’t your life. Those ain’t your people.

Stop being half-assed. Stop accepting mediocrity. Stop living a half-life.

Fly. Soar. Be free, my Soul.

You are worth it!