Cantabria – Day 1

Getting to Cantabria… A quick road trip… that’s all it took, but with stops galore and unexpected turns… it turned out to be an adventure!

We said goodbye to the dogs and their keeper before stepping out in trusty Dhano.

Few hours in, we got away from freezing sierra weather to bright blue skies and green green grass!

A wrong turn near a church had Dhano slipping into Parkour mode to get down some old stone stairs. So glad no permanent damage was done. 

My first introduction to a Choco… I can’t believe I never thought of something like this myself. A separate area for entertainment. Yes, please! 

A clear view of the valley that is often hidden beneath a shroud of fog. 

A house with an amazing music room and disco. Such a pity it is so under-used. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I will just have to make my luck 🙂