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Italian mass at the Basillica. It’s amazing how Faith is not bound by language. 

A view of the relics of Bernadette and a small prayer.

Blessing our trinkets with trickles from the grotto.

Candles as love offerings. I’ll never understand how gestures like this can soothe ones soul, but I can guarantee you that they work. 

Srilankan Lunch. A masala dosa for me, please. 

Ardent Adoration in the underground sanctuary. It took me a little while to find and then I was surprised at how many entrances I had overlooked.  

While trying to get a video the Ave Maria before the chiming of the bells, I was approached to take a photo which I hurriedly took. I immediately switched to videographer mode, but was approached by my really grateful subject and gifted a little pendant shaped like an angel. I had always wanted a pin of an angel. I was delighted to earn one. 

Right before the bells toll, an Ave Maria chimes at Lourdes. In all my time there, I tried to get at least one video of it. 

Moving night rosary. Love the Marian procession and the way everyone spontaneously raised their candles at the Ave. Thousands of faithful thronged together and recited the rosary. If ever you need your faith renewed, go to Lourdes! 

A group of hearing impaired believers led in the Rosary by their passionate, signing guides. I couldn’t stop watching them or admiring them.

A spectacular day… weather wise and every other wise too.

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