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Mum loved to dress up. So did we. To honour her, everyone turned up dressed to a T.

Mum loved to feed the locality. To experiment with new dishes and make everyone ooh and ahh at her culinary skills. I haven’t inherited her skills, but I tried. Seekh kebabs, Chicken kebabs, Tandoori chicken, Matar Pulao and Goan prawn curry. I tried to make a salad like she would… (failed totally… lol) Later we made little savoury pastries with philadephia cheese and mussels. Dark chocolate for dessert.

I was hoping to have a chance to talk about mum. Guess the memo didn’t get to everyone. But there were some genuine tears. And for that I’ll always be grateful.

40 candles… that’s what mum wanted for her 40th day. A promise kept.

Musical tribute. Danny boy, You are my sunshine, Search of the rose. There were those who understood what the day meant to me. What mum means to me.

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