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So many things

Woke up a forward on WhatsApp. I normally ignore them, but I’m glad I didn’t do so this time. A message on Relationships and how rose tinted life looks at the beginning. Sometimes one needs reminders.

Snowy white peaks rising to the heavens that were tinged pink and blue.

Wins at work. Been a long time since I had to get myself away from red tape and into solutions.

Dress shopping with my BFF… online shopping has never been so much fun.

Gauntlet throwing with D. Next time it’s costume time!

Promise of a song and many, many, many more conversations.

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  1. Lorelai
    15th February 2018 @ 18:27

    A virtual shopping tour with my BFF- we found GORGEOUS gowns and fashy dresses and finally the one – for her… and she the pink one I would love wear!!

    My earrings arrived- glittery and bright but not to large. Found out that my ear hole is still there – thus I can wear at least one.

    One of the gurls will gift me a blonde short hair wig – for free .. gosh


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