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Many, many things to treasure today.

Judy, Julie, and Felicity loving my shoes. And the dress. And the shoes. The shoes. The shoes 🙂

A lady stopping me and telling me that she sees people so elegantly dressed going to my church and asking me about it.

Realising that my stories can still make people laugh. Looks fade, wit gets better with time. If only I can find someone to appreciate it 🙂

Brunch with friends to celebrate my b’day.

A photo shoot of little Johanna. Weeks ago I was supposed to do a maternity shoot, but the mum was unwell. Today they almost called and canceled, I’m glad they didn’t. Something tells me, they will love the pictures I’ve taken. He offered to pay me. I asked him to Pay It Forward. I hope it works.

Of course, J’s little sister stole my heart when she told me she though I was 25-26 🙂

Driving home with the top down. Hermoine is a breath of fresh air!

Opening a magnum bottle of cava to celebrate my big one, and phooey… it doesn’t fit in the fridge. Such a pity it will all have to be drunk 😛

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