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Taking pen to paper in an attempt to ideate. Old school really works!

A compliment on my blurry experiments from an unexpected source. So humbled.

Time alone with my bestie after ages. Moments to cherish.

God’s Humour: Spent over 20 minutes looking for parking. Finally squeezed into a little spot that only Dhano could fit into. Walked more than half a kilometer to church only to see a spot right in front of church. Earlier I called it Murphy’s Law… today I was told, it’s God’s sense of humour!


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  1. Heiko
    20th February 2018 @ 10:42

    Wonderful talking to my BFF in a video call.
    Modern technology is a blast

    Wonderful morning walk in snow ❄️ covered landscape

    Quiet time is quality time.
    5 Minutes meditation is just wonderful


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