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A trip to my auto-school and the enthusiasm of the girl. Doubly treasured because it wasn’t faked. They aren’t making money off of me anymore 🙂

Right around the corner, I found a coffee shop. The coffee was meh! But the games… and the people. Probably the first place in town I found “Cards against humanity” in. I’m not a Nespresso person, but the gal’s passion for her job made the time spent there fly by. Did I mention? I LOVE passionate people. I hope she keeps shining.

My Hyperion straps have finally made it home! Phew… 3 months late. With the first consignment stolen by post office workers, I had very few hopes of getting a refund or the straps… Ahhh… ye of little faith. Never knew cords of yellow and orange could make me smile so much 😀 They are gorgeous!

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