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A couple in the metro. Ancient. Wearing matching shirts. Displaying so much love and concern for each other. Made my heart ache to know that I may never have it. Made me happy for them. 

The skies opened. And oh the joyous deluge! Felt like being home during the Monsoon… All I wanted was chai and pakoras.

The dark clouds did help with their softbox effect. Caught up with my photo assignments. Shooting car trails. Experimented on other things too. Loving blurs.

Met up with D. Talked. Nothing feels better than a conversation with soul.

A Gaelic concert by JF. Didn’t understand a word, but if ever a voice touched my heart and made my soul spill forth… It was when she sang. The music made me want to get up and dance… It’s the music I was born to play. I think I have Gaelic bits in me. Lots of them.

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