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Spoke to mum for a bit today. Been a long time since we had a chance to catch up. Felt good.

Wasn’t feeling all 100% today and found support from unexpected sources. A smile and “I’m there for you” might mean so much to a person. Don’t hesitate to say it.

Gave my ex-busmate a lift back to her place. Didn’t realise she’s preggy until she mentioned wanting to buy a car for her li’l guy 🙂

Months ago, I asked for information on music schools in Hyd. An ex-colleague remembered my query and sent me the address. Overwhelmed by little gestures of kindness.

My friend was out for dinner. Missed her, but I’m so glad she’s found her wings. BTW …. She looks great in pink 😀

Today’s been a day of everything. Great sadness, but little gestures of grace that came my way to remind me that God’s watching over me. I’m blessed.



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  1. Lorelai
    23rd February 2018 @ 04:57

    First time out in real-
    Wearing my pink blouse in public for the first time..
    Just feels great

    A Dinner at a diners with people like me- great fun and a lot to talk about .

    I got so much support from my BFF… god/universe send her to me the right time


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