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Thought I’d be 8 minutes late to mass, turns out, I was 52 minutes early. For mass in Euskara that too.

Drove for a while with the top down. Nothing like a convertible to put the smile on.

Decided on a milder, happier theme for #femininitytome project. Yeahhh for Plan B.


  1. Heiko
    8th March 2018 @ 18:09

    My BFF always surprise me with her creativity in our common project

    Feeling well again after catching the flu!!

    Had a first longer walk in warm weather – felt like spring is coming..


  2. Lorelai
    8th March 2018 @ 18:17

    Found a wonderful handbag made of black leather for me .. yeah!

    I got to know a woman which transitioned some 2 years ago to this very day – gorgeous exhange.

    I really feel confident that I’m on the right way, and I have been faster and more successful so far then I ever thought I would be.
    Thank you Universe


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