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A White horse feeding in a pasture carpeted in purple blossoms.

“The Simpsons” like clouds that scudded the blue sky.

Sun and rain playing hide and seek.

Chiaroscuro in the sky.

Little Birds that filled the air with their song. We could hear them, but they flitted around so quickly it was difficult to spot or photograph them.

Peace. At the highest windmill. The wind in my hair, the sound of nature filling my being. Moments to BE.

Whoaaa… what a b’day this has been. Chole, Cake, Flowers. And the best bit, I didn’t ask for any of it 🙂

I’m so blessed. So many people have my well being in mind. I’m still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and good wishes that came my way. A huge thank you to FB, but there were some who didn’t need social media to be reminded of me. For them, I’m exceedingly grateful.

Unexpected! Msgs I didn’t expect to get. From people I never thought I’d hear from again. Yes, time… that’s all we need.

This year has been such a huge learning for me. Expectations, Trust, Learning that people will only remain in your life as long as you it benefits them, Getting rid of toxic elements, Hate, Anger, Moving ahead, Forging new relationships, Standing up to bullies, Cherishing the ones that respect you, Being happy, Just BEING! I’m an old soul.

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