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My BFF lost his Dad, but he got to say Goodbye. It’s so important to keep reminding people how much they are loved.

An app that stopped working all of a sudden. Baffled us, but it’s been long since we had such an interesting issue. There is always so much to learn.

A public collection of the #SheInspiresMe posts. Can’t wait to see how far this will go!


  1. Heiko
    12th March 2018 @ 18:34

    What can some say,
    when there is nothing left to say?
    There is a day to be born,
    and there is a day to die- and each moment in between us unique.
    We better cherish our time with the good things in our life-
    Sharing our time with family and friends, laughter and tears, sundowns and rainbows,
    candle light or a fireplace, something to drink and eat
    Filling our life with stories .

    My dad died today and among all sadness and grief I feel loved and hugged…
    So much support in a dark time


    • Lucille Galleli
      12th March 2018 @ 21:44

      Big hugs, sweets!


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