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Caught up with a friend to thank him and his unbridled delight and me getting him a gift from India was so worth it. A long, incessant conversation about experiences and expectations and a promise of shooting the streets of Madrid together whenever we can.

Gurushots … the site I’ve been spending most of my time on, the one that made me go digging through my archives looking for nuggets of gold, finally served me my first “guru pick”. So khappy!

Same evening I get featured in the Blur community. Feel like I’m finally creating what I envision.

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  1. Heiko
    22nd February 2018 @ 11:32

    Last meeting of an activity I found I felt needed to end.

    Seeing the first patterns how to improve my situation in some parts. Now I need to gather more data and act accordingly

    Applauded my BFF to her brilliant entry to our common project. I love what we have started there


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