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I was to model for a friend. When she turned up this morning, I extended the invitation to 2 of my friends from church. Suddenly we had 4 models and 2 photographers. Yeahhhh!

Now for the dresses, The idea started as a solid colour long dress, which branched out to floral prints and then came the accessories. Ah the pleasure of using props I bought ages ago but never had a chance to use!

Off to “Embalse de Valmayor” for some photos and I loved how the story just made itself! From lifeguards to shipwrecks to Midsummer night’s dream to the mermaid. Indulgence was the ours to claim. D and M surprised me thoroughly with their willingness and acting skills. J as always was super helpful and fun. S is an absolute angel!

Was praying for my family who were in the path of Hurricane Irma. Firstly Irma weakened to a Category 3 and then I received word from them that they are doing ok. Such a huge relief. It’s so true, all you have to do is have faith. It most certainly moves mountains.

Note: Getting more comfortable with the driving each day, to the point of enjoying it 🙂 Parked like a boss and boy, that’s such a high!

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