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I’ve always had angels to hold me up when I was down, but sometimes the messages come without a messenger. This is what I read this morning. Just when I needed to read it.

When you start to find your true identity, people will still be looking for glimpses of the old you. Some will be unsuccessful; others will be content with learning the new and improved you. Have a memorial service for those who want to hold you to your mistakes and poor decisions. If that’s all they choose to see, then they shouldn’t be granted access to the blessing that is your journey. They aren’t evil. They’re broken.

A colleague inquiring after a photo shoot I was supposed to have done on Sunday. The little nonsense I spout isn’t completely forgotten 🙂

Met a bus-mate after a long time.  His joy at spending the journey speaking and honest “I’m so glad to have run into you” caught me by surprise.


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