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Reached work in an exceedingly bad mood. Met a colleague who unfortunately found himself in the line of fire. Apologised later only to hear that he was about to come to my seat to check on me.

Made some plans for the holiday. Lots of them actually. Used links that I saved for just this occasion. Yeah… all that searching and saving put to use 😀

Killed those plans, because a couple of friends called in and needed some assistance.  The moment I heard the request, I knew it was the right thing to do, but I kept trying to do something contrary to my conscience. So glad I made the right choice. People over places. Always.

Stirred my coffee with a fork instead of a spoon and the quip from a witty, albeit estranged colleague was —- “Hoy cortado, no?”. Couldn’t stop laughing. Despite the moat that we’ve built in our professional life, we still reach out and share a laugh. I really hope I can make amends to this strained relationship before I move on.

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