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The choir sang “Make me a channel of your peace”, and memories of Father Cohelo, the Franciscan priests and my childhood came flooding back. M’s impromptu rhythm on the drum took it to a whole new level!

Them ladies agreeing once more that I stepped out of a magazine. Can’t ever get tired of hearing it. D’s reaction on hearing my NDC response to becoming a mum.

A flower that blooms for a single day. Loved shooting it and other beauties from the neighbours garden after a long BBQ with the family.

Indulged excessively in alcohol, conversation and a bit of exploring. 2/3 were what the doc prescribed.


  1. Heiko
    7th May 2018 @ 21:50

    Been on a wonderful hike in a canyon closes by – nature is always uplifting.

    Had the first asparagus of the new season – delicious!

    Had a wonderful walk in the evening. Life can be good!


    • Lucille Galleli
      14th May 2018 @ 20:55

      So glad you enjoyed yourself! Life is good, indeed!


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