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Wore an 18year old satin and lace, salmon coloured dress. A hand me down. So many took time to appreciate it. Very catholic, very neat, very classy. Just what Alma would have designed. Had to take a pic to show and tell both mum and big sis.

Finally got the lipsticks that I ordered while I was in India. Such a saga. Some of the colours were utter failures. Strangely enough, the little cousin who gave me the inspiration to buy the red she wore also picked the same shade of nude and used the exact same derogatory term to describe how it looked on her as I did. We couldn’t stop laughing.

A new challenge at work. Clients that haven’t been given proper training and have become clients from nightmares. Their genuine issues are now getting ignored. Take it or leave it… to be honest, I already took it 🙂

Got the trick of styling my hair correctly. Can’t believe I’ve owned the device for years and never checked on how to properly use it.

Spoke with my BFF. Always uplifting hearing his voice and his smile. Also chatted with an ex-colleague. So happy to hear that he volunteers at a school and is so glad to be around kids. I hope he gets to raise some of his own really soon.

Karma. You don’t fail. I’m counting on you.

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