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Took the macro out today, right after the sprinklers did their job. The sun was out and inspiration was in the air. Shooting some Rosiesque images, philosophy, art and melancholy took a stroll through the alleys of my mind.

Cuban lunch, Cocktails and Live Music. But the best part, was the company. Saturday afternoons I’ve dreamt of.

Just call him Bob. Spirituality made human.

Conversations, Confessions and Charm … I could write a book about this evening and the delightful, daring, digressing and oft times dangerous meandering avenues words took us down. So many memories created.

Went to the Promo event of co-working space in Sol. AJD was stealing hearts with her voice and charming moves. Great space in a spectacular location. The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes it’s good to go back to those hidden memories. The ones locked away in the deepest chest stored in the darkest corner of the attic of one’s being. Better still, to have someone sympathetic and genuine to listen to your tales of woe.

Divinity, Mortality and Alcohol!

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