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Family and friends who turned up or called just to say goodbye. Wow… Haven’t felt so loved in a long while. Each one did bring a batch of goodies. Good thing I’m not cutting down on calories until I get back to Spain.

Baggage drop was a bit of a nightmare cause they were checking each piece of luggage including cabin luggage and I knew I was sorely over the limit. Three hail Mary’s later, I got called to the counter by the only agent who wasn’t being all that strict. A few bad jokes and smiles later, I don’t even get asked how many bags I’m carrying. Pray and smile. Everything works out. And yes, get your little cousin to choose hot pink matte lipstick. That too.

While disembarking the air hostess complimented my eyes and mentioned noticing it while I boarded. I noticed her lip colour while boarding…. A daring shade for hee complexion but pulled off with panache. Maybe I should have returned the compliment!

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