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Went out alone with Hermoine for the first time. With each turn I see myself liking her a wee bit more. Love the feeling of stepping on the gas and watching her gallop. Reminds me of an animal going for the kill. There is something majestic and animal-like in it.

I love my shoes and this year they got a whole lot of love before being packed away until autumn/winter. Wardrobe next 🙂

Theatre with Elke. Reached late, and although I was upset, watching just 1 hour of it made me be grateful for missing the first 1.5 hours of it. The acting was great, one of the best plays the Madrid players have done in a long time. But there are certain accents I will never appreciate. Certain stories I’ll never condone. The time spent with Elke after the play is what I’ll remember. Elon Musk, Universities, Wingmen, TPA and more.

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