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A gift I received at Christmas urged me to do something that scares me each day. This morning I debated on the street I should park on. Understandable since my Monday morning attempt resulted in an absolute fiasco. The words from the book ringing in my head, I looked for a spot to park. Finding none I was about to chicken out and use the easy to park spots. But then I saw it. The prefect spot for my little Dhano. Deep breath and a single manoeuvre later… I was done. So much for fear. Thank you, D.

Lunch with the team. Pizza party in order, rather pizza order in party. So glad for the crazy moments we spent together.

A hailstorm that sounded like machine-gun blasts. No matter how old I grow: thunder, lightning and rain, any natural occurrence, will never cease to amaze me.

Asked for Spotted Dick from the UK. Got shortbread and Jaffa cakes instead… I’ll live.. hell, I’ll have a blast!

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