On time, Stay on the bus, Wabi-Sabi

First ever meeting at my current workplace, that started on time, ended on time and turned out to be totally useful. First in 5.5 years. Yes, I’m going to gloat.

A joke I cracked which earned me a triple facepalm, star trek style. Har har!

Phenomenal articles H shared with me to help me with my photography journey. Stay on the bus. Embrace change, embrace imperfection!

And my favourite:“What happens inside your mind can happen inside a camera.”


Wabi-Sabi For Photographers


The Helsinki Bus Station Theory: Finding Your Own Vision in Photography


One thought on “On time, Stay on the bus, Wabi-Sabi

  1. Had time for finishing the first sculpture of the year, yeah!!

    Practicing the horn is great… why did I ever stopped playing

    It is so fullfilli g to help others on their way and help them growing

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