Picasso, Gifts, BFF

The brilliant albeit disturbing art of Picasso. Wow! Seeing that he liked huge, ladies — Great observation. Being told that he’s choose to paint me — Not sure how to take that “compliment”.

Came home to books on Harp Music. Yeahhh … Finally have music for Scheherazade.

A new soul person. I’m blessed.

One thought on “Picasso, Gifts, BFF

  1. bah ha ha…. 😉

    C’mon. The comment was that you looked good inside a Picasso – as you stood within the painting from the perspective of the person saying this. It never meant differently.

    Scheherazade.. I so do love korsakow, and !” 1000 and one Night”.. Any chance to hear you playing this??

    I’m blessed to

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