Nostalgia, First time, New pastures

Had to wash 13 dresses by hand today. Reminded me of the tons of washing that Joy used to do for the whole family. Wow. Can’t believe I never appreciated her enough.

My BFF tried out a new look today and totally rocked it! Yeahhhhhh!

Speaking of moving on and realising I’m so ready.

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia, First time, New pastures

  1. Found a wonderful, midnight blue blouse today … yes!!

    Tried out a new look and with some Tipps from my BFF I felt pretty

    Been out for a gathering of people like myself and it felt natural to be me, calming and soothing and wonderful

  2. “Careing about love is an uphill journey!!” Best quote for the day.

    Enjoyed a book store visit side by side to my wife. Quality time.

    Even during some dark moments the universe sends me some light. Thanks to my BFF

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