Hashtag, Scotty, Worthy

Started a new photography project with a friend. Good thing Instagram came up with the follow hashtag option. We can be found at #FeminismToMe

Learning that Scotty is Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen Scott.

Raising a loved one up only to find that the conversation led to introspection and self realisation.


2 thoughts on “Hashtag, Scotty, Worthy

  1. Came back home totally inspired and started a photo project with a great friend!!!

    Paris is well worth a trip – and I’m blessed as we did not had much rain after 4 weeks of nearly constant rain there

    Found that a lot of good things just happen when I need them

  2. Happy to lend my BFF my lipstick as she needed a make up fix

    Enjoyed heart to heart feeling with my BFF every second we had

    Make up is getting better with every trial.. Yeah..

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