Effort, Musically speaking, Yumm yumm

A sudden call to have a Christmas gift returned got me in touch with the weird logic of the national postal service being more expensive and slower than a courier.

An impromptu session and a concert by the gorgeous SV. She had me speaking in tongues.

Caramel shortbread and Bakewell tarts. So much for dieting… well, new day, new vice, I guess!

One thought on “Effort, Musically speaking, Yumm yumm

  1. Found a practice of one of the best ADHD specialist in the country – just 5 miles away from here I work – and got myself an appointment.

    Drawn the first cartoons ever during a meeting.. got some colleagues a smile with those

    Finally finished my last painting – a triptych about love. Felt great doing it!

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