Buyer, Hat in the air, Mobile joy

Was asked to start selling my photos today, I have a buyer lined up. That will be a huge check for me. Can’t wait to try it.

Finished my Graduation Album and post on G+. Wow … this one was a long time in the making!

A young boy lost his mobile in the bus and managed to catch the bus while it was filling up for the trip back. The way 3 rows of passengers came out to help him and finally managed to locate it made me realise that there is a bit hope left for humanity after all.

One thought on “Buyer, Hat in the air, Mobile joy

  1. Such a fabulous graduation album and post Lucille did!!
    This post is one of those post which let some keep up

    Looked a funny movie with my youngest son- we had some wonderful time.

    I realized how blessed I am in my life again. That’s why I trying to pay forward

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